Children’s Ministry

Mark 10:13, And they brought young children to him, that he should touch them: and his disciples rebuked those that brought them.

We strive to teach children in an age appropriate class.

Starting in the nursery birth to age 3; you will find trained ladies that would love to care for your children while you worship.  Upon arriving you will find ladies that will discuss your children’s needs and how they can meet those needs.  You can leave your children in the nursery knowing that the children are well cared for.  Please know that if your desire is to keep children with you in main worship you are welcome to do that.

After nursery, we have a class for Pre K and K children. We have a 1st-3rd grade class, and 4th-6thgrade class.  Each class has a teacher that studies and teaches children in different ways.  They will allow children to participate in activities, and singing. On Wednesday evening we have started our Patch the Pirate program.  Classes for those age 0-17.

Teens meet during Sunday school and Wednesday evening.  Bro Daniel loves teens and loves teaching them.  The goal is to deal with age appropriate issues.